Catalonia Today

ERC claims threat of extreme violence

Marta Rovira claims State intimidated Generalitat with threat of “extreme violence” if independence declared


Belgian high court adjourns extradition hearing

Belgian and Spanish justice are not the same. If the Vice-President Oriol Junqueras and the seven ministers who are imprisoned in Madrid had only 24 hours to prepare their defence and declared briefly...


Freixnet gets green light for German buyer

A majority of Freixenet shareholders have decided to accept the preliminary offer of purchase from the German company Henkell, the group integrated into the food and wine giant Dr.Oetker. Henkell had conditioned...


Mayor of Caracas flees house arrest to Columbia

Colombian authorities confirmed yesterday the mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma is in Colombian territory after having escaped from house arrest to which he was confined since 2015. Ledezma entered Colombia...


Russia vetoes UN investigation into Syrian weaponry

Russia yesterday vetoed a continuation of the UN investigation to identify those responsible for the use of illegal weapons in Syria, which was strongly criticised by countries such as the UK and Germany....


Francesc Torres new rector at the Polytechnic

Professor of Telecommunications engineering Francesc Torres will be the new rector of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) for the next four years after defeating his opponent, current rector...


Low-income children: more dental problems

Underprivileged children have a more precarious dental health than their peers, according to a report on the need of dental care for children in vulnerable situations by the Pere Tarrés Foundation, presented...


Mugabe refuses to give up presidency

The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, at present under house arrest after a military uprising toppled his government, is refusing to resign. The military, with the support of civic groups, wants to...


CaixaBank and Sabadell still have “risks”

The relocation of Banc Sabadell and CaixaBank has “shored up deposits” and “eased the pressure on liquidity,” but “the banks are still at risk in Catalonia.” This is the opinion of the rating...